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Get to know your HEAT family! Put faces to the names of all the team members that make HEAT the Paw-some company that it is! 

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Owner &

Trevor started HEAT back in 2017 with a dream to create a dog daycare unlike any other in our area. Putting in a lot of work, and hiring the amazing team members to help, his dream has become a reality. He is the one who created and still continues to evolve the company to make it the incredible brand that it is today!

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Sydney is the friendly face behind the screen, from connecting with clients to helping with the pups, she is an irreplaceable member of our team! Syd started out with us as one of our training clients and has now become the go to person if you have any questions. Answering phone calls and emails, as well as interacting face to face with our clients, Syd welcomes everyone into our HEAT family with a smile!

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A popular face around the daycare is Brittany! She has been working with us for just over a year, and is now not only overseeing everything going on in daycare, but also the person behind our sensational Instagram account! She loves working with the dogs and getting to build bonds of trust with all of our daycare pups as she gets them to pose for model worthy photos!



Daycare Manager

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Daycare Supervisor

You can almost always find him cuddling with the daycare pups, and will have a smile on his face. Jake adds the much needed energy to our team. The best way we could describe him is; the human version of a Golden Retriever. He loves to chat with all of our clients about their dogs, telling them all about their days at daycare! You will always feel welcome with the famous Jake grin!

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Familiar name, but different person; meet Brittany! Britt is an essential member to our HEAT family, she is incredible with all of our daycare dogs. She loves playing with the pups, and getting to know all of their different personalities! Britt always comes to work with a positive attitude that just can’t help but make your day!

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Helping out in both the daycare and with maintenance around the HEAT facility, Christian is a valuable member of our HEAT family. Christian is an all around great team member to have, he is hard working and will always go the extra mile to help out! He is very sociable and can make you feel like you have been friends with him for years with just one conversation.

Daycare Supervisor

Daycare Supervisor

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Mariah is our HEAT groomer, pampering our pups to a day at the Spaw! She is kind to everyone, and will give your pup a relaxing time and have them looking picture perfect! Mariah went to school to become a Vet Tech before joining our HEAT family, and she loves working with the dogs because they make her feel joyful. Make sure you say ‘Hi’  to her whenever you see her around the daycare!

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Meet the newest member to our HEAT family, Sam. Joining us not long ago, but is already a part of the pack! Sam is helping out Sydney in the office to look after all of the necessary background work to keep HEAT running! She loves going out to the daycare in between tasks to check in on the pups, and get to learn all of their names! She may be new to the team, but she feels like she has been with us forever, and she makes all our clients feel that way as well!

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A recognizable face that you will see when driving to the HEAT facility is River! River is the cutest greeter that you will ever meet! When she isn't outside welcoming you to HEAT, she is inside the office relaxing with Sydney and Sam. She loves all the attention that she receives from the HEAT family, she just wishes that they would give her more blueberries!

Administrative Assistant


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