Private Training

Enriching dog and human lives. 

Every dog should have a solid structure at home, on walks, on play dates, etc. Without structure problem behaviours arise. With our training tools and techniques we help build your foundation towards a well-mannered dog we all wish to own. 

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Let's Work on Our:

Our one-on-one training programs are tailored to address your's and your pup's specific needs. Our customized approach helps give you the tools to successfully communicate with your dog. 

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Jumping, nipping, listening, door greetings, and more. Your dog should be respectful of you and your space.

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Let's learn our cues! We can learn 'Sit', 'Lay Down', and anything else you want your pup to know.

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On leash or off leash, when you give your cue you should have confidence your pup will return.

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Walking your dog shouldn't be a chore. Let's help them pull no more and get back to enjoying our walks!

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Puppy training, socialization, on-leash reactivity, and more! Fill out a Training Inquiry to see if your needs are in our scope of services.


Not sure what option is right for you? Submit a Training Request Form and we'll give you our suggestion!



For those quick training fixes!

(Heat Leader not included)


5 TRAINING SESSIONS Includes Heat Leader head collar. 

The Details


Your training with HEAT is private. You, your pup, and our trainer will work together to create a plan to best suit your needs.


HEAT offers balanced training with customizable packages to set up clear communication techniques between you and your pup.


Training operates Monday-Saturday with flexible hours to best suit your schedule. Training sessions are an hour in length.


Training takes place at our training facility at 3023 Westdel Bourne, London. For packages, we offer a few in-home sessions.


HEAT has successfully transformed the lives of hundreds of dog owners. Let us show you how we Make Sit Happen.

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